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We do fieldwork throughout the tropics and sometimes in the US. Most of our research takes place in the largely understudied (shh!) tropical forests of Central Africa, but we also work in India, Mexico, and Panama.

A lot of our work is based out of the Ipassa Research Center near Makokou, Gabon - the doorway to Ivindo National Park and the Kongou waterfalls. Ipassa is the oldest research station in Gabon with a rich history in tropical research. The station is co-operated by the Gabon Institute for Tropical Ecology Research and the Gabon Parks Agency. We do work in other sites of Gabon as well.

We continue to do long-term research in northern Republic of Congo in and near the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park. And, we have collaborative projects in Oaxaca, Mexico; partner with the Duke Lemur Center in the SAVA Region in Madagascar; work on wetlands in the Gujarat region, India; and are starting work on elephant in Thailand.


Our team at the Ipassa Research Center!

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