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Vincent Maicher is an insect ecologist, working in various Afrotropical countries during the past 6 years. He has focused his early academic career in studying biodiversity changes along various ecological gradients, using butterflies and moths as biological models.

During his Ph.D., he undertook extensive sampling of adult Lepidoptera along an elevation gradient on Mount Cameroon, the only continuous elevational gradient of near-pristine forests in the Afrotropics. As part of an international team of both ornithologists and botanists, he tackled different research questions focusing on quantifying Lepidopteran biodiversity changes with both elevation and seasons, evaluating forest habitats requirements of Lepidopteran communities, reporting taxonomic and faunistic novelties, and highlighting important conservation issues in the region.

Recently, he received his own founding to investigate the cascade impacts of natural disturbances made by forest elephants on tree and insect communities in upland and montane rainforests in Cameroon. He will now pursue his research in the Poulsen lab by setting up large-scale natural experiments in the Ivindo National Park, to better understand how megafauna depletion modifies rainforest ecosystems, especially plant-animal interactions and forest structure, composition, and diversity in Gabonese rainforests.

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