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Terrestrial LiDAR training... we're now in business!

After months of waiting, the lab now has its terrestrial LiDAR scanner! From Jan. 19-21, we had a three-day training with members from the lab and allied labs. The training, which took place at the new Drone Lab, was led by a team from Riegl Laser Measurement Systems. It included information on field data collection with a terrestrial LiDAR scanner (TLS) and data processing. Ankita Gupta, Brandon Hays, Liam Healey, Jacob Freedman, Andrea Bruns, Elsie Lui, Vincent Maicher, and Jennifer Swenson scanned forest patches in the Duke Forest and on central campus and then developed 3D renditions of them. The scanner will soon be

employed to characterize deer habitat and monitor forest stands in Duke Forest, and to measure the effects of elephants on forests in Gabon.

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