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Halina Malinowski is a third year PhD Candidate in the Poulsen lab. Her research focuses on the effects of defaunation on plant-animal interactions in the tropical forests of Ivindo National Park, Gabon. More specifically she is exploring the effects of seed predators and the presence of elephants on early plant life stages.  


In 2016 Halina graduated from Boston University with a BA in Biology specializing in Conservation and Ecology. While in undergrad she conducted research on Asian elephants and silica nutrient cycling. After her undergraduate, Halina worked in Zambia studying orphaned elephant behavior and implemented a Human Elephant Conflict mitigation study.  


Broadly, Halina aims to conduct ethical, sustainable, and decolonized international ecological research. She works towards this through continued self-reflection and learning, forming diverse collaborations,  listening and upholding to local expertise, and increasing scientific accessibility. Through the implementation of such research methods and collaborations, she aims to advance conservation efforts, improve livelihoods, and preserve tropical ecosystems.

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